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  • Spectrum, or the Singapore Dan Flavin
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  • Many Undulating Things
  • The Orbit
  • Song for the Dreamless
  • Divergent Memories of Tumen Shan-shui
  • Empress of China Revisits
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Air-conditioned
  • An Asian Ghost Story
  • Fountain of Interiors
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    Brother Sharp Arrives Home
    multi-channel video | 2010 | 00:02:50

    Having been homeless for almost 11 years and later found autistic, Cheng Guorong, nicknamed Brother Sharp, suddenly became an outrageous Internet fashion icon due to couple random pictures of him wandering in street by an anonymous photographer. As of his impetuous popularity, government, the mass media and even his families all participated in exploiting Cheng's commercial values and strived to perform their roles in the huge spectacle. This video is a montage of found footage from various media, which depict the moment he returned home.